PhloxOS and Phlox Microkernel

Latest sources

Recent sources can be obtained from Git repository hosted at GitHub. To clone the repository use the following command:

git clone phlox-os

Additionally, the sources are available in Subversion repository hosted at SourceForge. Use the following SVN command to check out a working copy:

svn checkout phlox-os

Released repository snapshots

Repository snapshots are not published frequently and available here:

Features (and the main Goals)

  • True microkernel design. Only small peice of code works on highest priviledge level, that makes the system more reliable.
  • Portability. Written in C language with small amount of hardware-specific code, so it can be easily ported to other hardware platforms.
  • Scalability. By varying set of system services it can be adapted to work on cellular phone, desktop PC or used as embedded operating system.

  • How to build

    Extract snapshot tarball (if you have downloaded repository snapshot) and go to "phlox" directory. Type "make" to build bootable image or type "make bochs" to start Bochs emulation. For more information type "make help".


    Stepan V. Karpenko (

    Other projects

    CWTLib - Set of continuous wavelet transform algorithms written in C, C++ and Java languages.

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